SF State Students Participate in Nationwide Walkout against Gun Violence

Thursday, March 15, 2018
Photo of student lying on ground in front of other student protesters

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Some participated in the walkout because they’ve personally been affected by gun violence and attended the march to demand critical change.

“I lost a cousin to gun violence last week,” said Alfredo Lopez, a film major. “So far I have lost two cousins to gun violence. One was a couple of years ago, she was a mother of two.”

Lopez hopes that historic marches such as these can invoke influential changes in gun control policies.

A running theme that united all attendees during the walkout is the importance of educating the public.

“I think there’s a lot of misinformation out there of gun control and what people are asking for has nothing to do with getting rid of the Second Amendment,” said Soumyaa Behrens, a lecturer for the School of Cinema at SF State. “It has to do with reasonable, logical, applications of the laws that make people safe and assault weapons are not safe.”

Photo by Robert Barbarino/Documentary Film Institute