Alum Mohammad Javad Zarif Discusses New Security Model in Middle East

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

THE NEW ARAB (LONDON) -- Mohammad Javad Zarif is the foreign minister of Iran. A career diplomat, with several postings as an envoy of Tehran in the United States and at the United Nations, Zarif is also a visiting professor at University of Tehran, having received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in International Relations from San Francisco State University.

“Dialogue is the most important way of eliminating distrust; however there is often a need for measures alongside dialogue to repair the strained climate.

“A dialogue must therefore be coupled with indispensable confidence-building measures, led by exchanging information in all fields. Avoiding misunderstanding and provocations is also among the main goals of such measures.

“In addition, other reassuring measures could pave the way for breakthrough, such as promoting engagement between people, including by encouraging tourism, and cooperating in shared arenas, particularly trade, nuclear safety, pollution control, natural disaster relief efforts. This also includes agreeing mutual military visits, notification of military exercises, transparency in defence procurements and reduction of military spending, leading to signing non-aggression pacts.”