Alum Yosimar Reyes Tackles Media Representation, Empowerment

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

THE DAILY AZTEC (SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY) -- The two guest speakers, Julio Salgado and Yosimar Reyes, are both nationally acclaimed artists, undocumented and queer. They regularly work together, using their creativity and humor to counter the narratives told about undocumented people in the media.

Reyes is a writer, poet and San Francisco State University alumnus and creates media for undocumented people to consume and reflect upon.

“Oftentimes, the narrative of who we are as (undocumented) are very gloom and doom and for me, after Trump got elected, I was like ‘damn they really don’t like us here,’” he said. “I really wanted to shift in my perspective and do work that really talks and speaks directly to undocumented people.”