Documentary by Professor Komenich Commemorates Wyoming's 1943 Basketball Championship

Monday, April 02, 2018
Photo of 1943 college basketball game

CASPER STAR TRIBUNE (WYOMING) -- Sunday marks the 75th anniversary of the Cowboys’ win over St. John’s. Komenich’s documentary, which was released in fall 2014, is now available online for the first time (Vimeo, $7.50 for six-month rental).

“The bottom line is, and this is how I teach it now here in school, is so much stuff is just going to disappear if you don’t get it on film somehow or record it in some way,” said Komenich, who spent 30 years as a photojournalist at the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle and now teaches at San Francisco State. “Whether or not you produce it into a film, the main thing is you capture it before it’s gone. And that’s essentially what most of the film work I did is, is making sure that somehow we get those stories down before they’re gone.”

Photo courtesy of University of Wyoming Athletics