Alum Kara Herold Makes Movie about Boys and Babies

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

CINESOURCE -- Herold’s last film, Bachelorette 34 (2007), essentially a documentary on the same subject, featured her mother spouting such retro lines as: “Put on makeup. Be more perky. Go out on a mission and look for Mr. Right.”

Nevertheless, layered with drawings, found footage and Herold's introspective humor, it was accepted by and premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. That was when Herold realized her style was viable and her mother was very funny — so why not whip out a quick companion piece.

Alas, 39 and a Half blew up into a feature film with a full crew and SAG actors, including Beth Lisick, the excellent Bay Area thespian, known from Pushing Dead (2016) and Everything Strange and New (2009), as well as tons of Herold's patented animation.

As it happens, although Herold teaches film in Syracuse, New York, she returns to the Bay every summer because she attended San Francisco State, has lots of friends here and loves the scene.