Student Luc Williams Discusses H-1B Visas

Monday, June 18, 2018

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS -- But Luc Williams, 27, of Sunnyvale, who is about to graduate from San Francisco State University with a studio arts degree, worries that H-1B critics are scapegoating immigrants — pointing to the cases of alleged abuse of the H-1B system by outsourcing companies, including at UC San Francisco where American workers were reportedly forced to train their foreign replacements.

“Any time we start deciding that the problem is with letting people immigrate into this country, then we’ve lost some of the point of how this country is,” said Williams, an independent who supports increasing H-1B visas and believes those workers provide critical skills. “It’s a huge benefit to any community to have new people that are coming here to live — having them around and getting to talk to them and see them and having them become part of the community is wonderful.”