Alum Marilyn Kriegel's Play 'Harm's Way' on Stage at Sonoma Arts Live

Friday, July 27, 2018

SONOMA INDEX-TRIBUNE -- Harm’s Way is written by playwright Marilyn Kreigel.

“I wrote my first play at 13,” she says. “And I wrote my second at age 70.”

After obtaining her Master of Fine Arts in playwriting at San Francisco State, Kriegel went on to write several more plays that won awards. “For me, writing is like a puzzle. It presents itself a piece at a time. I have no idea where the story is headed,” she says. “Yet by listening to the characters, their lives emerge and I see that the story was there all along.”

In Harm’s Way, Maggie, an elderly woman, is going to visit her son and French daughter-in law in Paris. At San Francisco International Airport, she’s detained and questioned by TSA. A week later than expected, she arrives in Paris in a confused state. Suspense builds as everyone tries to figure out what happened to her.