Professor Slivers Discusses the Growing Trend of 'Ugly' Fashion

Friday, July 27, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Anita Silvers, a professor of Philosophy at San Francisco State who specializes in aesthetics, sees the operative question as “What is it about our cultural palate right now that is making some of these types of things the current model?” Silvers brings up Birkenstocks and prairie dresses as totems of nostalgic looks back to a simpler, perhaps more authentic time.

“Something like the Birkenstock was seen as an ‘honest’ shoe,” says Silvers. “Ask, what are we seen to be lacking in this era now in our leaders?” The answer: “Honesty, things we can trust” — which might explain why brands seen with a certain kind of heritage and consistency can be appealing, even if they haven’t been considered conventionally chic.”