Kearny Street Workshop Artistic Director Jason Bayani Graduated from SF State

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Photo of Jason Bayani raising his left arm

48 HILLS (SAN FRANCISCO) -- The first time Jason Bayani heard about Kearny Street Workshop (KSW) was when one of his professors at San Francisco State got his work published by the organization. Now he’s the artistic director. He says the organization gives Asian American artists opportunities not otherwise available and seeing the authors they published and hosted at readings, made him believe he could be a writer. To see those writers’ books now at Pilipinx American Library means a lot, he says.

“KSW provided artists visibility and an opportunity to explore their culture,” he said. “For someone to walk into PAL and see all these books is significant. There’s a lot of talk about representation with Crazy Rich Asians, but that’s not the main thing for me. It’s to see a whole spectrum of experience.”