From Jackie Robinson to Colin Kaepernick, Experimental College Course Covers History of Activism in Sports

Thursday, September 13, 2018

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- SF State is currently offering a course on the history of activism in sports, covering topics such as the impact of Jackie Robinson and current events such as the Colin Kaepernick controversy.

Tammy Forest and David Jaulus are leading the course. They strive to help students understand the impact athletes have on political and social issues.

Jaulus, an SF State graduate with a master’s degree in Political Science and an avid sports fan, feels that sports are held in high regard and give athletes a unique platform to express their opinion. Sports have a rich history of athletes being the focus of social issues, like Muhammad Ali refusing to be drafted and protesting the Vietnam War.

“I hope we’re at the cutting edge of a revolution,” Jaulus said when talking about the amount of big name athletes such as LeBron James, Kaepernick and others speaking out and protesting issues they care about.