Professor Joe Hawley: The Enigma of Highway 128

Monday, October 01, 2018

ANDERSON VALLEY ADVERTISER -- The Enigma of Highway 128 — Who, you may have wondered when passing by, is this superman of terra cotta, ceramics, metal and glass? None other than Mr. Joe Hawley, Professor of ceramics at San Francisco State University. The beautiful property site is a perfect setting for his large terra cotta clay and mixed-medium works. Gently sloped and laced with old oaks, it reaches a confluence, a high point that looks out over the distant wilderness.

Joe found it two years ago after a three-year search. He moved from San Francisco, where he has considerably lightened his responsibilities as an instructor; he is semi-retired, professor emeritus. The need to move was hastened by the mass eviction of the artists of the Doelger Art Center in Daly City where he had a studio. So much large, heavy and delicate art and equipment was transported north, the move most have proved a logistical nightmare.