Students Comment on Brett Kavanaugh's Testimony

Friday, October 05, 2018

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- After Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony of her alleged sexual abuse from Brett Kavanaugh in a hearing on September 27, SFSU students react to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s decision to advance Kavanaugh to the next step in his route to be a judge.

“If we can’t believe a well-educated woman who’s a doctor from California putting her career on the line, who can we believe?” says Alyssa Avalos, a Women and Gender Studies major.

Kari Vides, an English major, says: “Sexually abusing someone is pretty much one of the worst things that you can do to another human being. Overlooking that and still letting him go on to the path he’s trying to do just doesn't make sense with a lot of the values that I feel like American culture should abide by.

“I don’t think someone with that kind of history — regardless of how much time has passed — should be allowed to make decisions for the whole country,” Vides adds.