Alum Janet Varney Talks 'You're The Worst,' Podcasts, Pragmatism

Tuesday, March 05, 2019
Photo of Janet Varney seated in front of a window
Photo courtesy of Funny or Die

PROHBTD -- “I moved to San Francisco and established [state] residency for a year and then went to SF State. I was leaning hard into set design and the production and stage class side of theater, and I even looked into whether I could transfer these over into interior architecture and design and maybe make a career out of that. I did many things that were very much outside of acting.

“While I was at SF State, busily avoiding acting, I met my partners at SF Sketchfest. We formed a sketch group, and when I say we formed, I mean I very reluctantly agreed to do some brainstorming at a few improv sessions. Very tentatively, I started writing sketches and stuff.

“I really credit those three guys for believing in me and being great friends and collaborators, and I realized within that first year, that not only should I not have been afraid of this, but I wondered what I’d been waiting for. It felt so right. Through opportunities created by this sketch group, I ended up coming to LA to work and have been doing it ever since.”