David Shire, Still Writing Scores that Make Movies Sing, to Visit SF State on March 14 - 15

Monday, March 11, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO CLASSICAL VOICE -- Hosted by the San Francisco State University School of Creative Arts in conjunction with the CSU Entertainment Alliance, Shire is in town this week for a series of workshops and masterclasses that culminate Friday, March 15, with a concert at Knuth Hall featuring the Alexander String Quartet, the SFSU Wind Ensemble and others playing Shire’s music.

“Theatre work gave me a background in writing for character and situations,” Shire says. “The foreground music I’d written in New York gave me that dramatic scale. The film scores I did got more venturesome as far as orchestration and composition as I went along. That nourished the theatre score I was going to write. It was a really useful feedback loop.”