'My So-Called Brush Fire': Alum Wo Schiffman's 'Encaustic Entanglements' on Display in New York City

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

WHITE HOT MAGAZINE -- In California, she got involved in textile arts in the graduate program at San Francisco State University. She then went on to Japan to study indigo dying, papermaking and shibori, an ancient fabric dyeing practice. In 2002, she founded her own design studio in Palo Alto. Over the next decade she created a contemporary art gallery, was involved in a school teaching art classes and workshops, and was awarded ten patents for textile design. Throughout this prolific time she was also painting, but it was on the side.

In 2012, she sold the design studio and put most of this administrative and academic work aside, focusing on painting full time. “I decided,” she says, “to go completely back and immerse myself in encaustics.”