Graduation Speakers Share Preparation

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “One thing she will take away from her college experience is the collaborative work she was able to do with her professors for her research projects.

“‘I have been able to work alongside professors without feeling that hierarchy correlation,” Lozano said. ‘I’ve been able to work with them in a horizontal way, there’s always been an emphasis on expressing my thoughts and my interests and my passions.’ She urges students to seek mentors, and build relationships with professors.” ...

“Alexis Adsit received a degree in Women and Gender Studies from SF State and is active with the LGBTQ community. She served as president of eGAY the LGBTQ housing group and founding Queer Yo Mind Conference that occurs every year at SF State. ...

“‘As a trans[gender]-Latina, I’m not sure how many other transgender people of color have been invited to give commencement speeches. I’m also just so humbled and honored to be able to share my wisdom and experiences with the graduating class of 2019,’ Adsit said.”