Latest SF Corporate Tax Measures 'Exactly What the Progressive Politicians Like to Propose,' Professor McDaniel Says

Thursday, June 13, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- The bundle of ballot measures comes as the Board of Supervisors — the most progressive in recent history — increasingly blames prosperous companies for San Francisco’s most gripping problems, such as the homeless and affordability crises. It also comes less than a year after the city passed Proposition C, a measure that collects millions of dollars from big businesses for homeless services that cannot be spent because the tax is tied up in legal challenges from taxpayer advocates.

These measures are “exactly what the progressive politicians like to propose,” said Jason McDaniel, an associate professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University. “It seems to be targeting an industry or a group that many people feel is a villain in the city and is making things worse.”

McDaniel, of San Francisco State, said he wouldn’t expect voters to reject the three tax measures just because they are aimed at businesses and tech — unless an opposition campaign sways them.

“Voters in San Francisco are generally pretty open to new tax measures,” he said. “Especially if it can be seen as targeting someone else.”