Little Manila at the Break of Dawn: Stockton Remembers Professor Mabalon

Thursday, June 20, 2019

POSITIVELY FILIPINO -- Dillon Delvo says in an interview, “I was one of the last generations … to remember that generation. To remember the manong and manang generation. I remember many manongs used to walk downtown, and were going to one of the last Filipino barber shops in Little Manila, where my dad would get a haircut … and he’d really be proud of bringing me to the barber shop where all his friends could see me. I think everyone else didn’t have a kid, so they kinda adopted me as their own. …

“[And at San Francisco State], it was a difficult time for me. Because at the same time they’d talk about Filipino American history, oftentimes they’d talk about Stockton. Yet I was from Stockton, and I knew none of this.” By selling shirts in the trunks of their cars, and knocking on doors in the community, Dawn and Dillon were able to save the last block of Little Manila; and then co-founded Little Manila Rising.