Students, Faculty Honored at Reception for Winning Research Fellowships, Assistantships

Friday, September 13, 2019
Student and faculty winners of research grants
Photo by Sreang Hok

On September 6, the College of Liberal & Creative Arts held a reception to honor the 15 students and 15 faculty who recently won research fellowships and assistantships.

The Marcus Research Fellowship and Marcus Undergraduate Assistantship grants awarded $55,000 to students and faculty for 2019 – 20. The awards are made possible through the generosity of alumni George and Judy Marcus.

The projects cover a range of topics as diverse as SF State, including activism in China, Mexican immigrants’ involvement in American politics, student veterans, photography of the environment in western Marin County, differences between bullying and teasing, the rise of left-wing nationalism in Ireland and more.


Front row, from left: Assistant Professor of Art Sean McFarland, Associate Professor of Design Joshua Singer, Associate Professor of Communication Studies Leah Wingard, College of Liberal & Creative Arts Dean Andrew Harris, Associate Professor and Chair of History Laura Lisy-Wagner, Associate Professor of Political Science Francis Neely, student Lindhan Le and Assistant Professor of Design Joshua McVeigh-Schultz.

Back row, from left: Assistant Professor of English Anastasia Smirnova, Associate Dean Troi Carleton, President Lynn Mahoney, student Duriel Meisner, student Austin Schutz, student Anucha Poh Maga, student Kayla Ratliff, student Jorge Urroz, student Hannah Galindo, student Crystal Candalla, student Elizabeth Wedel, student Janelle Scarritt, student Jamila Hayes, Assistant Professor of Political Science Rebecca Eissler, Associate Professor of International Relations Amy Skonieczny, Assistant Professor of International Relations See-Won Byun, Assistant Professor of Cinema Elizabeth Ramirez-Soto, Assistant Professor of Industrial Design Sylvan Linn, Professor of Political Science Ronald Hayduk and Provost Jennifer Summit.


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