Cinema Grad Jeff Kazor Leads Bluegrass Band The Crooked Jades

Monday, September 16, 2019

BLUEGRASS TODAY -- Jeff Kazor co-founded the groundbreaking band, The Crooked Jades, in San Francisco in 1994, recording nine albums and touring the US and Europe. A producer, musicologist and composer, Kazor is also a multi-instrumentalist, and magnetic vocalist and performer. He created the soundtrack to the award-winning PBS film, Seven Sisters (2000) and produced music selected by Sean Penn for the film, Into the Wild (2007). Kazor also co-founded the grassroots San Francisco Bluegrass and Old-Time Festival in 1999.

“I enjoy curating and collecting music from all over the world. I have a vinyl collection that’s in the thousands and continues to inspire me musically,” Kazor said. “My college degree is from San Francisco State University in film, and I love watching movies, especially silent film, science fiction and film noir.”