Professor Eissler: Chief of Staff Mulvaney Could Be Shown the Door; Pompeo, Ross Safe for Now

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Caricature drawing of Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney
Drawing by Donkey Hotey

FORTUNE -- Still, despite his attempts to clarify, Mulvaney may be next to be shown the door, said Rebecca Eissler, San Francisco State University assistant professor of Political Science.

“The more that any of these people speak in public about the decision making and thought process about the White House and the Ukraine matter, the more they put themselves at risk for being the ones next to leave,” Eissler said. “If I were on the House judiciary committee, I would return to his statements again and again.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may be able to stay under the radar a while longer, Eissler said. But for how long is an uncertainty.

“It all depends if more information comes out, something criminal occurred and if that requires a sacrificial lamb,” Eissler said. “We need more information.”


Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has managed to keep his job and his head down out of headlines for the most part.

“If he was debating jumping ship then, he might not be now because there's no external pressure to step down,” Eissler said. “Ross is in a position where if he wants to stay, there are other fish for Trump to fry in his administration — and if Ross wants to go, there are other people he likely will be leaving with. He won't be the last.”