Professor Bernardi: Alien Aesthetic in Fashion Reflects 'Tensions of a Divided Society'

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

THE NEW YORK TIMES -- “The alien aesthetic has historically been most well-liked during incredibly conservative intervals,” stated Daniel L. Bernardi, a documentary filmmaker and a professor of cultural scientific studies at San Francisco State College. “It reflects and addresses the tensions of a divided society.”

For trend in distinct, he mentioned, “it is an indication of grappling with a fairly radical shift in what it indicates to be beautiful. I do not assume everyone has discovered that however.”

It may possibly also be a way of coping with the pressures of the bottom line. “Fashion is superior at figuring out exactly where peoples’ stresses are and interested in exploiting all those stresses,” Dr. Bernardi said. Its final goal: “to get you wrapped up in an impression and to invest in that image.”