'It Ain't Over Till the Bisexual Speaks': Alum Lani Ka'ahumanu Fights for Inclusion

Monday, February 10, 2020

THE GOOD MEN PROJECT -- In the early ’70s, Lani Ka’ahumanu began to realize that she was very much attracted to women. Only later did she fall for a man, which led her to realize that she was, in fact, bisexual. Despite a bi-phobic undercurrent in the community, she pressed forward and devoted her energy to fighting for bisexual representation and inclusion.

“I’d been going to night school, and I started going to school full-time at San Francisco State, right when people were organizing to found the women’s studies department,” she said. “So I got involved with all that, and, of course, it was complete lesbian, women’s, feminist, amazing people — leaders that I got to meet, and have them as my professors, mentors. And I came out as a lesbian. Because I knew I always loved women. I was attracted to women.”