Professor Chekuri: Nevada Primary a Harbinger for National Election

Thursday, February 20, 2020

TELENGANA TODAY (HYDERABAD, INDIA) -- Chris Chekuri, associate professor of History at San Francisco State University, wrote this opinion piece.

“Nevada is a classic Bernie [Sanders] state. A large group of minimum wage employees, a large non-white (close to 40 percent) population, and a history of classic booms and busts of a mining economy,” Chekuri wrote. “For them, Sanders’ support and constant push for raising the minimum wage (now at $7.25 per hour) resonates, as do most of his other ideas. With the exception of a privileged coastal Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, much of the American West is subject to the same trends as Nevada. What happens in Nevada will tell us a lot about what is likely to unfold in much of the American West.”