Ethnic Studies Course Inspired Student Ja'Corey Bowens to Major in English, Africana Studies

Thursday, July 16, 2020

CAL MATTERS -- Ja’Corey Bowens changed majors twice before landing on Africana Studies and English as a double major at San Francisco State. He took an ethnic studies class on the contributions and accomplishments of early African civilizations, which drew him into the major. Never before had he encountered a course with that level of focus and detail on African civilizations.

“That’s the biggest thing that has impacted me — having that sense of pride knowing that my people have done great things,” Bowens said. “Although we have persevered through struggle and we’re still struggling right now, we will still contribute these great things even when it seems like that might not be happening.”

Bowens, who is Black, hopes an ethnic studies requirement systemwide will ensure there’s funding at the CSU campuses to keep ethnic studies departments alive.