Alum Haitham Amin: Lawyer, Entrepreneur and Brand Consultant

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

TECH BULLION/ENTREPRENEUR -- Haitham Amin’s story, initially, is no different from that of any other young dreamer of greatness and opportunity. What may differentiate him from many is his conviction to start fighting for his goals as soon as he had the chance.

That’s why he begins his journey at San Francisco State University, where he focuses on a Bachelor of Arts degree. Later he enlists at John F. Kennedy University where he obtains his Juris Doctor.

Once he completed his studies, Haitham began to build his path as a law professional. His first step was with the Solano County Public Defender’s Office and later with Marin County. There he had the opportunity to participate in different cases until 2012. At the point, Haitham felt he had enough experience to undertake independent practice. He had already had extensive representation in felony and misdemeanor cases.