Student Journalist Adriana Morga Completes Dallas Internship from a Distance

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

POYNTER -- Adriana Morga worked at Al Día, a sister publication of The Dallas Morning News that reports on the city’s Latino community. She was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, and is a senior at San Francisco State University. But she has never been to Texas. Like Walters, she had reservations.

“What if I let you guys down?” she asked her editor. Morga worried about being an annoyance and a drain on her team’s time and attention, but they assured her all would be well. To boost her confidence, she was given straightforward assignments at first, like stories about store closings that don’t traditionally require extensive on-the-ground reporting.

And, in Morga’s case, being at home allowed her to take a second job at a local radio station, meaning she covered San Francisco and Dallas from the same place.