Message to the LCA Community from Dean Harris

Friday, September 11, 2020

Dear members of the LCA community,

I write to share what most of you know already: that a number of staff members in our college received layoff notices on Tuesday. Our hearts go out to them in recognition of the devastation this plays in their lives, and also in recognition that they are leaving a community to which they have contributed their energy and wisdom and care. I hope and know that we will remain a supportive community for them over the coming months. I thank the chairs, directors and other supervisors who have been in front of these conversations with affected employees, and who have displayed remarkable compassion over the past two days in the face of a situation they never expected. There is more information about these layoffs, as well as available resources, here.

You will also be asking how we continue to operate in light of these losses. The layoff process by its nature affected different units differently, but everywhere it, along with positions that had been frozen and positions that had not been renewed, leaves significant gaps in our ability to function well. In light of this, the university will have to think through a range of issues around restructuring work in the months ahead. Deans have just begun to assess the scope and nature of what these layoffs will mean for the work that goes on across each college. The dean’s office will continue to work to make sure departments, schools and college service units get as much support as possible.

Our greatest strength remains the empathy and understanding we show to each other. Again, my thoughts are now with our colleagues who are suffering.

In sympathy,