Professor Belkin Advocates for Expansion of U.S. Supreme Court

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

VT DIGGER (MONTPELIER, VERMONT) -- In an Atlantic interview, Aaron Belkin, a Political Science professor at San Francisco State University and founder of the group Take Back the Court, advocates such retaliation because he believes the court “has already been stolen.” He thought this would be the safest way “to protect democracy” and to “de-radicalize the Republican Party,” which he describes as “completely unmoored from facts and reality.” Reminded that such a move would be so controversial that even some Democrats are not yet on board, Belkin was adamantly clear.

He explained that should the Democrats prevail in the 2020 election and fail to do these things, although they may win future elections, they will not be allowed to actually govern because of GOP obstruction and stolen courts. “Democracy would effectively be over.”