Professor McDaniel Analyzes SF Board of Supervisors Races

Friday, November 06, 2020

MISSION LOCAL (SAN FRANCISCO) -- “In 2018, the late-arriving mail votes looked more progressive, but I don’t think that’s happening this time,” said SF State Political Science Professor Jason McDaniel. “It’s still too close to call. Way too close to call. If we start seeing later-counted votes, and they do start looking more progressive, we’ll see Chan’s first-place votes grow, and a shift in terms of David Lee’s votes that go to Chan vs. Philhour.”

McDaniel ballparked that around 3,000 votes in District 1 were processed today, with perhaps up to 6,000 remaining.

“I still think we should expect late-arriving mail votes to look like traditional progressive voters — and provisionals,” he said. “That bodes well for Connie Chan, but Philhour has expanded that lead. This is not Vallie Brown-Dean Preston from last year.”