Lecturer David Lee: End Monopoly on Garbage in San Francisco

Monday, December 21, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Quentin L. Kopp is a former San Francisco supervisor, state senator, S.F. ethics commissioner and retired judge. David E. Lee is executive director of the Chinese American Voters Education Committee and lecturer of Political Science at San Francisco State University. They wrote this op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle.

“For too long, city government officials have treated taxpayer dollars as their personal slush fund, distributing city contracts to cronies or corrupt parties,” Lee and Kopp wrote. “Such public officials disregard their solemn ethical duty to use public resources to meet the needs of San Francisco residents and taxpayers pursuant to a clear and creditable public process. The relationship between the city and Recology Inc. is under investigation. That’s a searing example of corrupt officials and practices fleecing San Francisco residents.”