Alum Edward Wright Named Co-President of Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club

Monday, December 21, 2020

BAY AREA REPORTER -- He managed Mar’s election campaign in 2018 and then joined his City Hall staff. A native of Michigan, Wright moved with his family as a teenager to the Sierra foothills of California north of Sacramento. Inspired by the Milk club’s namesake — the club was named in his honor following his assassination in 1978 — Wright moved to the city and attended San Francisco State University.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in film production with political philosophy as a minor. His thesis project was a short documentary about the city’s drag scene that happened to feature Honey Mahogany, who would go on to be a Milk club co-president. (In 2019, Bard defeated Mahogany in their bid for another term alongside a new co-president in an acrimonious leadership battle for the Milk club.)