After Decades Interviewing the Greats, Radio Broadcaster and Professor Michael Krasny Hangs Up His Hat

Monday, February 01, 2021

NOB HILL GAZETTE (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Besides being a broadcaster, you are an educator and have taught at SF State since 1970. Do you think being an educator makes you a better interviewer and vice versa?

“They cross-fertilize, and I think that’s an astute way to put it,” Krasny said. “Broadcasting has made me a better teacher. For one thing, I’ve interviewed almost all the people — at least, the living writers in contemporary American fiction, drama and poetry — that I’ve taught.

“Also, teaching has made me a better broadcaster. There’s something about just listening. It was important for me not to just go into a class and lecture. It was important for me to hear and listen to what my students had to say and what their insights were and what they had to offer.”