SF State Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint with New Buildings

Friday, February 05, 2021

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “Our hope is always that we create the spaces that our students, faculty and staff deserve, for their teaching and learning and to really ensure that they can pursue their education or their research in a facility that supports that effort,” University Enterprises Vice President Jason Porth said.

Former chair of the Facilities Planning Committee and assistant professor at the BECA Department, Ashley Larson, said having new equipment and a new space will prepare students for their future careers in broadcasting.

“Being able to teach in such updated and new spaces, it gives students as real-world of an experience as possible,” Larson said. “It is not only valuable to us as a university, but it’s really valuable because we are training students that are going to be prepared to go out and be even more effective than they already are in the workforce.”