SF State English Students Speak Out on Experiences with Anti-Asian Racism

Monday, March 08, 2021
Two people walk by the statue outside of the Humanities Building in May 2017. Photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice.

KPIX-CHANNEL 5 (SAN FRANCISCO) -- San Francisco State University students are speaking out about their own experiences with anti-Asian racism in light of recent attacks.

English Lecturer Maureen Fitzgerald said when she recently asked her students to write about an experience during the pandemic, several students wrote about receiving racial slurs or discrimination.

Freshman Joshua Luna described when two white customers approached him at a San Jose Home Depot where he works, and mocked him.

“His friend decided to come up to me and speak imitation Chinese to me, and I took offense to that not because I’m not Chinese, I’m Filipino American, and for him to just assume that already to me … at a workplace where I have to remain professional and not cause a scene, it really made me feel hurt,” said Luna.