Professor Robert C. Smith Discusses U.S.-Iran Relations

Monday, March 15, 2021

THE TEHRAN TIMES -- Commenting on this issue and the effect of the sanctions on the lives of Iranian people, Robert C. Smith, professor of International Relations [sic] at San Francisco State University told Mehr News Agency, “I am not familiar with Nephew, so I cannot assess his role. I think the administration is divided as to how to approach Iran and might take some time before it develops a policy.”

“Nations rarely make foreign policy decisions on the basis of morals, but rather on calculations of what serves their interests. It is the view of some that the harm the sanctions inflict on the Iranian people will cause them to pressure the government to change its policies,” he added, commenting on the hardship and sufferings that sanctions which are used as a political and immoral weapon by the U.S. administration on the general population.