Recess Is Over: Navigating SF State's Reopening Strategy

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The Fine Arts Building on campus at SF State isn’t where most would consider trying gymnastics, but as Michael Scott, associate vice president for research at SF State, approaches the building, he knows it’s the only solution to the task at hand.

Sporting an N-95 mask, tape measure in one hand and clipboard in the other, he’s joined by Gaelan Spor, instructional support technician for printmaking and photography, and Steven Garen, instructional support technician for sculpture, digital media and textiles.

The sculpture labs and darkrooms are the most difficult to measure, he said. They have immovable equipment, such as ceramics throwing wheels, desks and sinks. Maneuvering around these obstacles, Scott has to figure out a way to measure the length and width of the rooms.