Professor Dollinger Discusses Survey of Jews of Color in America

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

J. (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Beyond its intrinsic value to Jews of color, the study represents a boon for scholars, according to Marc Dollinger, a professor of Jewish Studies at San Francisco State University who attended the Zoom event.

“This is a once-in-100-years kind of insight into a huge part of American Jewish life, which has been nonexistent in the literature and very much present in actual life,” Dollinger told J. afterward. He said he plans to use the data in shaping the curriculum for his Jewish Social Responsibility course at SFSU this fall.

One of the data points that stood out for Dollinger was that 51 percent of Jews of color feel a sense of belonging among white Jews. “I was surprised by how many Jews of color continue to be engaged in organized Jewish life, given the systemic racism that exists,” he said.