INCS 2018 - Serials, Cycles, Suspensions

March 1-4, 2018 at the Hotel Whitcomb in San Francisco, CA
Host Institution: San Francisco State University
Lead Organizer: Sara Hackenberg,


At the 2018 annual conference in San Francisco, INCS changed the evaluation and award schedule for the Susan Morgan prize. Graduate students who presented papers at the 2018 conference and would like their paper to be considered for the prize should let Lynn Voskuil, INCS President, know by March 17, 2018. Please send her an email with that information and include Susan Morgan Prize in the subject line; her email address may be found on the Contact page of this website. Full guidelines for the Susan Morgan Prize are available in pdf format (here) and on the Competitions and Graduate Student pages of this website.

The nineteenth century was shaped by serial forms of organization, production, and communication. By the nineteenth century the idea of the "series" had moved from the discipline of mathematics into the culture at large, as theories of temporal and spatial connection became dominant organizing principles for systems of knowledge developed in laboratories, libraries, and museums. Implied within seriality is both the continuity of cycles and the discontinuity of suspensions.

Special Events

We are pleased to host many special events this year, including:

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