Cinema Department Named One of Top 25 Film Schools in U.S.

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Photo of students and professor editing film
Professor Jameson Goldner (right) works with students on film editing. Photo by Lui Gino de Grandis.
THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER -- SF State grads have scored Oscar noms 15 years in a row, so it’s high time The Hollywood Reporter’s voters caught on to the school’s achievements. “Of the many noteworthy aspects of our storied history is the breadth of fields in which our alumni have been successful,” says Daniel Bernardi, ex-chair of Cinema and interim dean of the College of Liberal and Creative Arts. Grads include Oscar-winning sound designer Christopher Boyes, Tony- and SAG-nominated actor Delroy Lindo, Oscar-winning documentarian Steven Okazaki, Sundance prize-winning director Jay Rosenblatt and indie filmmaker Lisanne Skyler. SF State Lecturer Jesse Moss won prizes at Sundance and the San Francisco Film Festival for his doc “The Overnighters”; new professor Cheryl Dunye’s “Black is Blue” won best short film at the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.