Faculty position available for Health Equity in film, media

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
SF State is pleased to announce two faculty cluster hires to support key cross-discipline intellectual initiatives. Faculty members will provide scholarly leadership, including research, community engagement and teaching through two clusters focused on Big Data and Health and Violence, Trauma, and Health.

Violence, Trauma, and Health

There is enormous scientific, social and cultural interest in the impact of violence and trauma on individual and collective well-being. It is essential that we build deeper understandings of the complex relationships between violence, trauma and health among individuals, families, communities and societies at large. Moreover, we must encourage scholarship and discourse concerning the ways in which the ubiquity of violence and its traumatic effects in popular culture both reflect and refract lived experience. This cluster’s three positions include Film and Media, Cinema Department (Open Rank). For details on all open positions, visit the Health Equity Institute website.
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