Can You Outshoot Photojournalism Alum Justin Mott? See on History Channel Asia

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Photo of Justin Mott
MANILA STANDARD TODAY (THE PHILIPPINES) -- Raised in Rhode Island, Mott studied photojournalism at the San Francisco State University. A year before his graduation, Mott took a trip to Southeast Asia and fell in love with the place. He shares, “I was so smitten with everything about this region — the people, the culture, and the stories behind them. So I packed by bags and settled down in Hanoi, and I went traversing all these wonderful places while doing what I love — photography.” In every episode of “Photo Face-Off,” Mott and the amateur team battle it out in three challenges (Speed, Theme, and Extreme). Their camera skills are tested as they explore every place’s nook and cranny and meet various personalities in their quest for the perfect shot. The winner is the contestant who has at least two out of three photographs chosen by a panel of judges.