Alum Jamie DeWolf, Descendant of Scientology Founder, Has Disciples of His Own

Monday, September 29, 2014
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Of looks and brains and verbal dexterity, Jamie DeWolf and his famous great-grandfather, L. Ron Hubbard, could be twins. But of money and religion they share little. DeWolf, 36, is one of Scientology’s harshest critics, a hero to the disbelievers who call the religion a cult. His one-man performance about Hubbard has more than a million views on YouTube. Besides running “Tourettes,” DeWolf has a new feature-length film, “Smoked,” that just went into national distribution. It’s a wacky spoof he wrote, co-directed and co-starred in about three guys who rob an Oakland cannabis club. He directs and shoots public-service films about youth homelessness and diabetes. He mentors kids and teaches filmmaking in Hayward. He leads writing workshops at schools, detention centers and colleges. He’s so busy that it took him until age 30 to graduate from college, with a degree in film from San Francisco State.