Professor Neve Wows Cowd Piano Sonatas Made for Original Compositions

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Victoria Neve was new to the sonatas she performed at a recital this Thursday, but her performance did not feel novice when she began to play the keys of the exact piano for which the songs were composed. At a recital hosted by SF State’s School of Music and Dance, Neve, a professor for 40 years, played the compositions on the 200-year-old instrument made by the composer during a recital Friday. The sonatas by Muzio Clementi recital was part of the course requirements of MUS 150, a concert music introductory course. Neve’s performance included two sonatas, one composed in 1802 and the other in 1821. Although Neve has been a music professor for many years, she said the Clementi sonatas are new to her. “I just learned them this summer,” Neve said. “It was hard. I usually practice on my Steinway at home. I’ve done some work on a forte piano before, in grad school — the twin to this (piano). They were made in the same factory in London.”