Famous Chinese artist’s latest exhibition on Alcatraz Island explores freedom and restraint | Golden Gate Xpress

Wednesday, October 01, 2014
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The San Francisco-based ODC/Dance group presented a site-specific piece that persisted during the entirety of the opening-night gala on September 26. SF State Dance students Oona Wong, Leesha Zieber and Simone Wend participated in the performance. Several dancers performed along the installations while others were scattered around different parts of the island. “As people were walking around there were pieces of movement and dance going on,” Wong said. “One of the main themes of the dance was the feeling of being bound.” The finale of the performance utilized a wing motif to represent freedom. “We had white fabric over our arms — We were calling them wings,” Zieber said. “That was the last image people saw as they were leaving on the ferries.”