Speech and Debate Team wins three top awards at home opener

Thursday, October 02, 2014
Photo of Speech and Debate Team

Hosting a regional tournament to begin the year, SF State’s Speech and Debate Team won 14 awards, including three first prizes. The team also had six finalists.

Twenty-nine colleges and universities participated in Northern California Forensics Association’s seventh annual Golden Gate Opener, held September 26 – 28 at SF State.

The team, housed in the Communication Studies Department, promotes critically engaged, innovative and complex argument and performance. The team is open to any student interested in competitive speaking, performing or debate.

SF State winners

First place

  • Robin Ponder: impromptu speaking
  • Robin Ponder: policy interpretation
  • Genelle Murray: novice policy debate speaker

Second place

  • Samantha Binley: varsity policy debate speaker
  • Samantha Binley and Roberto Leon: varsity policy debate
  • Robin Ponder: speech to entertain
  • Kenton Raiford: novice policy debate speaker

Third place

  • Robin Ponder and Gregg Kling: duo interpretation
  • Gregg Kling: varsity parliamentary debate
  • Heather Warren: prose interpretation
  • John Chin: impromptu speaking

Fourth place

  • Stephen Sulyma: persuasive speaking
  • Adreeanna Tirone: dramatic interpretation
  • Toshi-ar Green: novice policy debate speaker


  • Robin Ponder and JJ Suddreth: varsity parliamentary debate
  • Heather Warren: dramatic interpretation
  • Sabrina Sakdikul: poetry interpretation
  • Melanie Licea: prose interpretation
  • Melanie Licea: dramatic interpretation
  • Catherine Gayaldo: impromptu speaking


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