Actress Annette Bening Revisits Alma Mater, Treats Students to Inspiring Talk

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- In a private interview given before her talk in Little Theatre, Bening expressed how emotional the visit was when she walked the hallways and noticed how certain rooms and items stayed the same.

“I remember eating, living, breathing this building,” Bening said.

The Academy Award-nominated actress, known for her roles in “The American President,” “Bugsy” and “The Kids Are All Right,” remembers her time at SF State, from which she graduated in 1980, as being a stressful balance of attending classes, working and acting in plays. She is grateful, however, for making it through and said she knows students are still doing the same and encourages them to keep with their passion.

Bening discussed how she handles doubt in her acting, prompted by a student’s question, and said that being unsure of one’s abilities is inevitable.

“Doubt is something you can’t get rid of and don’t ever try,” she said, adding, “I’m trying to encourage you, not discourage you.”

Photo by Paul Asper