Campos vs. Chiu: Professor McDaniel Comments on State Assembly Candidates

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- In truth, said San Francisco State University Political Science Professor Jason McDaniel, the major differences between the two men — both Harvard University-educated lawyers — lie in how they approach politics. Campos is a progressive firebrand, prone to extremely liberal policies and fiery rhetoric aimed at mobilizing his left-leaning base. Chiu, while still liberal, takes a more centrist approach to legislating, choosing coalition-building and compromise over headline-grabbing policy proposals. “It’s the reason why it gets so nasty, why the campaigning is so personal — because they are so similar,” McDaniel said. “When they go to the Assembly, either one will be very, very similar in terms of their voting record, so they have got to find ways to differentiate themselves.”