Associate Dean Susan Shimanoff receives service award

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Photo of Susan Shimanoff

Susan Shimanoff, associate dean of the College of Liberal & Creative Arts, was presented with an award for more than a decade of outstanding service on October 3 at an all-college meeting.

“Whether in the role of teacher, scholar, chair or associate dean, Dr. Shimanoff has served the University and College — two Colleges, actually — with exceptional skill and great kindness for well more than two decades,” says Daniel Bernardi, interim dean of the College of Liberal & Creative Arts, who presented the award. “She is my most trusted partner. More importantly, like many, I consider her a terrific friend.”

As a gift from the College, Shimanoff received an original watercolor painting of a two-page spread from one of her favorite children’s books, The Different Dragon, illustrated by Danamarie Hosler. Shimanoff has cited the book, a bedtime story about a boy with two mothers, in her research.

Shimanoff joined the University in 1986 as a faculty member in Communication Studies. She has taught classes on gender and communication, conversational analysis, small group interaction and public speaking. She has provided administrative services for more than a decade.

—Lynn Brown
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