BECA Students Turn Out for Campus' 'Turn Up' Event

Monday, November 03, 2014
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Michael Jordan Payton, also known as M. Payton, is a local rapper who has produced his own website, music videos and production company. The 23-year-old Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts major recently ended his reign at the KSFS radio station on campus where he was the general manager and was soon after contacted by The Depot to piece together a hip-hop show with local artists, like he had done so in the past. “So I made a couple of phone calls and here we are,” Payton said with a smile as the first performer’s lyrics began to fill the room at the event. Haidar Abu Al Hasan is a 20-year-old BECA student who goes by Emcee Element when he takes the stage. “It’s self expression, poetry, inner feelings, it’s all about how you feel,” Hasan said, in describing his definition of rap. “But at the same time, I say ‘groove,’ ‘turnt up’ and all that good stuff.”